Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Rain, Facebook, Quiche, Blackthorn


Bloody Hell it’s wet.  Working on some heavy old clay at Hickstead and the water is just sitting on the surface.  Aquaplaning in a tractor in a field is an odd sensation.  Sort of slow motion banana skins.  Looking out of the window now and it’s…… raining.

I always said I would never use FB, had no interest and couldn’t care less.  Obviously I have now carried out a 180deg about turn on this and am now signed up.  However I really have no idea how it is supposed to work, ok I can send friend requests, I can read what people are up to, but there are so many functions and buttons to click on I get completely lost.  It is supposed to be a business tool, but I am pretty sure no one is reading anything I write.  Maybe I need to write something outrageous to see if anyone is paying attention,  something like……

Quiche.  I had it for my supper, with salad, voluntarily, and I liked it.  I LIKE QUICHE.  There we go, now maybe now somebody will pay attention.

After getting attacked by a blackthorn bush yesterday and spending most of the day in A&E with a leg like a puff adder, Rob, I hope you are feeling better and they can get it out on Friday.

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