Friday, 11 November 2011


Often seem to involve meetings and these keep me off site for the day.  Pete and Spence (1ic and 2ic) comment that I only seem to arrange these meetings on the last day of the week, i.e POETS day and that my golf handicap must be falling.  I wish.  What will actually happen is that after my meetings, it’s back to the office for some time in front of the computer pricing work, writing cheques and seeing who owes me money.  If you happen to be one of them I am very happy to receive payment now.  Then always a made dash to get home for the kids before the nanny goes home!

Out on site we are continuing with 2.5km of barbed wire fencing and about 20 gates at Knepp Castle Estate.  The ground is still surprisingly hard even on the Sussex Clays and post driving can be slow.  Bought 4 new sets of Hayes Wire Strainers from Tornado this week to replace the old sets which were starting to cut the barbed.  Will keep the old sets for plain wire jobs in future I think.

Right meetings to go to now, Ottershaw, Heathrow and then Chobham.

Friday, 4 November 2011

It’s not often that….

you get to share your thoughts in this industry with others and it seemed a good idea to have a go and see where it leads.  This blog will also be a good way to see what we have been up to in more detail, with as many images form our jobs as we can get into it, plus thoughts on how each project has gone, the weather, our wonderful clients, and Bath Rugby’s latest results… and anything else that might interest someone, somewhere.

To get going, here’s one we made earlier……  this is the polo arena at The All England Polo Club at Hickstead Showground, 5000sq.m of polo playing heaven carved out of the Sussex clay.

Hickstead 024