Thursday, 11 October 2012

In What Was Always Destined To Be A Short Lived…….



Indian Summer, it seems we have now well and truly reached Winter and bypassed Autumn altogether.  Not content with plummeting temperatures “it” has now decided to make rain the default whether condition.  All this is great for getting posts into the ground, but terrible for getting over the ground, which is more January like in its sodden state that early Octoberish.  But we must press on and get working as there is lots to do right now.  A good summer of work has given way to a busy Autumn (well winter) and a wide variety of jobs is on the books for us, some even quite local for a change. 

We have just finished working in Claygate, Surrey, for premiership footballer followed by a week in Greenwich Park carrying out tennis court reinstatement work following the glorious fabulous and wonderful Olympics.  Upcoming works include circular saw works and clearance on a golf course in Sussex, more clearance along with Horse Netting and electric fencing at Hickstead and a nice job scrubbing hedges and opening up overgrown field margins at a vineyard near Chichester.

The Royal Parks will get another visit from us when install a deer grid at Hampton Court Palace.

That is if we don’t all float away in the meantime.  I wonder if this winter will give us freezing with snow, sodden with rain, or just possibly one of those cold crisp quite dry seasons I remember as a child?