Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Mud, Snow, Frost, Rugby, Golf……


All of these have crossed my path in this one week.  On Saturday I was lucky enough to be at the best game of rugby I have ever seen England play at Twickenham when we soundly beat the All Blacks ending their 20 game unbeaten run.  Since that freezing but glorious day at Twickenham, more cold weather out on site has meant very cold fingers, an abundance of mud, torrential rain and today, snow.  Snow seems to be returning yearly now with a tedious inevitability.  The kids love it, but it is not good for us fencers.  Another 20 year absence would be good and maybe a return to the hard frosty winters we used to have that allowed us to get on the ground when it froze.

Golf.  On Friday, if it doesn't snow any more, or rain, or freeze.  Followed by lunch.  A  very civilised way to spend a winter’s day.

The work during all this weather is stacking up and it’s good to know just before Christmas, that there is a full order book for January and most of February.  Something to get our teeth into in 2013.

Our first newsletter went out last week and if any of you read it, I hope you enjoyed at least some of it.  For those who would like to sign up for future editions, go to the website and click on the banner on the right hand side to subscribe.  The website is at

Some cracking jobs on at the moment, with lots of clearance works, big fires, machine work with the circular saw and plenty of fencing too.

All good stuff!