Friday, 13 January 2012

…and then it went just a little bit crazy

They say we are in a recession, maybe we are. All I know is that the phone has not stopped ringing this week with some quality enquiries for some substantial projects, all of which, needless to say we would like to win.  As is always the case with these things, and it’s typical, everybody wants their work carried out at just about the same time as everybody else's.  Still it’s a good problem to have.  It’s going to be a busy spring.  And have you tried employing anybody who actually wants to do this kind of work?  I posted last week that we need some new blood in this industry.  Well, where are you?  There’s a job going here for someone with a bit of enthusiasm.

Just been looking at the England 6 Nations squad.  I am not sure what I make of it, but I hope that if nothing else these new guys are reminded that it is supposed to be an honour to play for your country.

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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Getting Older.....

There are Old Fencers and Bold Fencers, but there are no Old Bold Fencers! Well we'll see about that. Although this does seem to be an industry struggling to attract new entrants into it. It does not, like all manually based jobs, have much if any glamour attached to it, but look beyond that and here is an industry like farming or forestry that has so much going for it by way of learning skills, dealing with people face to face, experiencing the great outdoors, by which I include, sun, rain, sleet, snow and mud as well as the flora and fauna of this great country. if you are wondering what direction to take in life, don't get bogged down in the feeling that you absolutely have to work in an office, in IT, in The City, in Marketing...... get out of school, of uni, of the office, get outdoors and look for the possibilities they don't tell you about at school.

There are Old Fencers, There may be Bold Fencers, but lets get some Young Fencers around us too and give this industry an injection of youthful thinking.