Saturday, 17 March 2012

Spring has Sprung…


Despite the need for some rain its been great to feel the warmth of the sun on one’s face again.  This is my favourite time of year weather-wise and with all the spring growth coming through it seems we can finally leave winter behind….  it may snow again yet of course.  Work has been good these last few weeks and the enquiries keep on coming in for a wide variety of jobs.  Just how we like it.  After the sad demise of my trusty Ford Ranger at the hands of my now former trainee employee, and the more than equitable pay-out from the NFU (Thank you) I bought a decent looking replacement Ranger down in Kent.  Hopefully its not a ringer?!  New man Rob is doing a great job and with Pete back from holiday next week it will be full steam ahead again.  A big post and rail job to start so lets hope the ground isn’t too hard.

It’s the end of the Six Nations today and more in hope than expectation England could still win the Championship, but it’s going to be Wales and they deserve it (through gritted teeth)  It would be a fitting tribute to Merv the Swerv.