Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Snow, Rugby, Cold Feet, Chapped Hands.


Being of a generally sunny disposition and hearing of friends looking forward to the snow, I  left  rather curmudgeonly for being a bit grumpy about its arrival last weekend. This has reasons for it other than just being old.  Last years snow was a bloody nightmare for us and we did nothing of any value for weeks whilst it lasted, apart that is from trying to un wax diesel in the machines tanks.  I didn’t relish the prospect of going through that again.  this weekend was also the beginning of the Six Nations Rugby, my favourite sporting event of the year (with the exception this year of the Olympics maybe) and a brief oasis of proper sport amidst the repetitive durge and nonstop coverage of football.   The potential for snow to spoil this wasn’t helping my mood.  However the Rugby went ahead, England struggled to a win and I have to admit seeing my kids having such fun in the snow made it all worthwhile.  No more though please.

This year we have at least been able to carry on working and despite the blocks of ice I used to call feet we have made good progress over the couple of weeks.  We have finished 1500 metres of raspberry trellis and some road construction at Garson Farm, 500m of stock fencing on some very steep slopes on the Albury Estate and a couple of hundred metres of rabbit fencing and some scarfed post and rail near Woking.  Today we arrived at a new site for a Morrison Construction/Environment Agency job.  A  couple of thousand metres of various types of fencing to here and about 8 inches of snow too….

Stock Fencing - Albury Estate - Keepers Bottom - Feb 2012